M&J Distributors cc has been appointed the local distributors for Mercotac in South Africa as of the 01 of December 2018. All staff members have been involved with Mercotac since the early nineties.

Low Cost, High Quality Rotating Electrical Connectors is produced by Mercotac® Inc. since 1978. The original design was actually conceived decades before in order to provide a superior high fidelity connection to spinning Leslie organ speakers. Since then, the design and manufacturing process has been continually improved and the product line expanded. Mercotac rotating electrical connectors have been developed to meet the needs of a variety of industrial machinery applications.

Fortune 500 companies in the USA and around the world purchase connectors from Mercotac® Inc for their slip ring requirements. The demand for Mercotac Connectors continues to expand with the increasing use of electronics and computer controls and the necessity for better slip ring technology.

Mercotac Inc.’s mission is to provide prompt delivery of the highest quality rotating electrical connectors at very competitive prices. Mercotac® Inc utilize the latest technology equipment available and time-tested quality control measures to assure reliable Mercotac Connectors.

Many Mercotac customers were using standard brush slip rings until they discovered our uniquely-designed connectors, and have subsequently replaced their old technology slip rings with superior Mercotac Rotating Electrical Connectors.

Mercotac Inc. is devoted to promoting a healthy environment. Mercotac connectors contain materials that should not be disposed of in the trash, but through proper recycling or a local waste recovery program.